About Us

The Principals of J&C dance, Janis Oddy and Ceri Thomas, welcome students of all ages and degrees of experience and offer not just a wealth of experience but also an abundance of passion and a bottomless pit of enthusiasm.

Leading by example, Jan and Ceri are continuing their professional development in order to benefit students young and old. This ensures that we can offer our very best in every lesson, every style. The reward for you will be in achieving excellent exam results, something that pupils, parents and our instructors can all share I and be proud of.

Both our Principals are fully qualified by the International Dance Teachers Association (IDTA) and are CRB checked, so not only will dancing be fun but you can also guarantee that it will be in a safe environment.

Ceri Thomas

FITDA (FT, RnR, LD), AIDTA (BT, Tap), DipSal

I would say I was a late bloomer to the dancing world when I had my first taste of ballet when I was 8; after that though I was hooked.  I started my training in New Addington primarily focusing on ballet and tap with a dalliance of modern jazz.  What I loved about dancing, and still do, is the freedom to be creative.  I unfortunately moved house which saddened me to leave my dance school but soon set up residence at another school in Sutton.  This school introduced me to modern jazz and theatre craft (as it was known back then) and I enjoyed taking exams in these new styles whilst carrying on with my ballet and tap.  My love for learning is never ending which is why I have continued to explore other dance styles which has led to learn Salsa and Rock n Roll and it does not end there.  My passion has turned into my career, hence me and my partner in crime have set up J&C Dance which has been running for over a year now and I can say we are both dedicated and passionate about teaching dancing and watching the pupils learn and grow and have fun, as dancing should always be fun.  Both Janis and I share the same ethos in that we want to learn as many dance styles as possible to teach to our pupils and to that end we continue with our professional development with me pushing to do the Argentine Tango - better get the shin pads ready!   In addition to my dancing qualifications I also have an Enhanced CRB check and will be booking  myself on the next round of training to up-date my First Aid Skills.   So whatever age you are, how many left feet you have - come and join us.

Janis Oddy

FITDA (FT, RnR, LD), AIDTA (Tap), DipSal

It has always been a dream of mine to own and run a dance school and now my dream has become a reality. I have always enjoyed dancing in its many forms and styles and enjoyed sharing this passion with my pupils as a student teacher and now as joint Principal of our dance school. My background is in the Theatre side (Tap, Ballet, Freestyle) and I have now embraced the wider aspects of Ballroom and Latin branch to include Salsa, line dancing and Rock ‘n’ Roll, whilst still going on to study more. My learning doesn’t stop there and I am always looking for new ideas and ways to make learning and teaching exciting, enjoyable and safe.

By coming to J&C Dance I want everyone to enjoy my enthusiasm and share in what I believe is a good quality school.